like Bill Cosby and a pudding pop

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"My life is like taking a picture through jello with a fish eye lens camera."  ~ Me

This is what I said to my Mom when she (basically) asked how I was doing. lol. I know, I know... makes absolutely no sense in the world. Just count it as another Jen-ism! lol
Not even trying to be a Debbie Downer... more like a Realistic Rosie. Things feel so disproportionate. Death during a holiday season will do that to you. I feel as though I am constantly fighting against the pushing and poking, trying not to let it pierce me, trying to hold together... like Jello. I'm trying to stay upbeat and colorful and refreshing... like Jello. I'm trying to look at the good in every day... like Jello, if Jelly had eyes. lol. And while this is all time consuming with having to pay attention to detail...(like making beautiful rainbow Jello)... I know that when all is said and done, life will taste just fine and delicious... like Jello. 
Who's hungry?

PS. I noticed that I rep a whole lotta 'lol's in my blogging. This is where you, the studio audience, laugh out loud. Just picture me holding up a cardboard sign with the word 'Applause'  bolded out on it. Perhaps I'm in the bunny suit from A Christmas Story. You're welcome for the visual. lol.


Gina said...

Hang in there, Jen!

Miss Wendy said...

I think that makes tons of sense!! I hope things start getting better for you and that the rest of 2012 is great!

Anonymous said...

Aww, hang in there! Life always has its ups and downs. I'm sorry you're going through the 'downs' but just keep trying to look up.

I love that Jen-ism! This photo also reminds me of 1-2-3 jello they had back in the 90s. I wish they still made that stuff!

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