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so, just about everyone is familiar with Etsy. They have amazing craftsmen (and women) and artist who sell the goods, totally promoting all things good and whole in the world. Well, I gotta highlight Barberry and Lace!
Seriously, she has some beautiful pieces of jewelry! Her necklaces are absolutely to die for (and I want quite a few of them... hint hint. lol)
So, you can only imagine my elation when she blogged about her $100 Giveaway! I about lost it! Seriously party people, go visit her blog and enter! Or don't and just keep your fingers crossed that I win! TeeHee!


Gina said...

Thanks for sharing Jen. I went & checked it out. I love those camera necklaces. They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Very cute shop. I love that owl ring!

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