fill in the blank friday

1.   The most selfless thing I've ever done was      become a Mama. Daddy used to always say that the day you become a parent you give up your life for theirs, you put your wants and needs after your childrens' wants and needs .

2.   When it comes to working out    I love it and I try and it do it all the time. I love to mix it up, try new classes as the gym, love working with a trainer (or even the hubs or my Ma), and I especially love my yoga and my cycle class    .

3.  A woman should always   remember her voice. You need to be heard, and paid attention to, and respected. Don't be afraid of saying what you need to say  .

4. I wish I could   run long distances    and then I'd    enter a full marathon (right now we're good to get through a 5K, lol)   .

5.  A best friend is    a necessity, not an option. You need someone(s) (I have more than one) who will love you for you, support you (even your bad decision) and still put you in your place when you need it .

6.  I can't get enough of     CHOCOLATE! (lol, what's too funny is that I've read a handful of FITBF and most ladies are saying chocolate, lol. that's hysterical to me)  .

7.  This weekend I am    practicing yoga, shopping for a petticoat, going to a really fancy-schmancy business dinner, watching football, and hopefully getting some laundry done and the loft (my crafty room) clean  .

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