week one, down

We survived week one of school! 
There always seems to be so much pressure the first week. The kids are understandably nervous. They get to meet their new teacher(s), the class rules get explained to them on day one (they should already know what the school rules are, especially at this age). Then they get thrown right into classwork and assignments on day two. And by the end of the week, on day five, your student has already had their first test(s) and are busy preparing for week two. 
The older they get, the more responsibility is placed on their shoulders. So long are the days when the kids would come home with a homework journal and reading sheet and as a parent you'd have to sign the journal authorizing that you did in fact know that your child has homework and has completed such assignments. You'd also have to log in what books and how long they read for, attached to your initials. Now, they themselves are responsible for getting their homework done and turned in on time. If they don't it's on them and will reflect in their grades. They can turn it in for half credit, but they have to deal with the repercussions in their classroom. My two held their own this first week.
Cameron (my 6th grader) has a teacher who his sister has her 6th grade year. Let me tell you that this is the first time we've ever gotten the same teacher, and what a blessing it is that it happens to be this particular teacher. She was such an amazing and positive influence on Courtney, and I know she will be the same this year with Cameron. She's super caring, strict enough to get the kids working, but lax enough to laugh and have fun and give rewards (which always works well for Cameron). Another plus is that none of Cameron's friends are in his class. Bummer for him, but I'm truly grateful for this. Cameron loves to be funny in class and can get distracted with others, especially friends. I really hope that he sees the benefit in being focused this year. He's a super smart kid and 6th grade is really a big transition year. They're gearing down to start focusing on studies and not so much on playtime (7th grade is bye-bye recess). 
Courtney (my 8th grader) has quite the lineup this year. At the end of last year, she tested and passed to take 9th grade math this year. Only 40 students in her grade did this! (I am So Proud)! So, she spent the summer with her nose in the 8th grade math book and got through the entire thing just before school started. Aside from her excelled math class, she also has Language Arts (which is not her favorite subject), Social Studies (which she says she already really enjoys, but mostly because of the teacher), Science and Computer Applications (she has the same teacher who is really enthusiastic and entertaining in both classes, therefore these are her two favorite classes), and lastly PE (she's one of 5 girls in her class, and last year she was the fastest girl in her class during milage club so she's gonna be working to keep that title). She's so super excited to be an 8th grader because they 'rule the school' and now can call all the 7th graders 'sevies' like she was called last year. She's also super stoked about being able to sit at the back of the bus now. lol
Both kids are happy to be done with week one. Both did extremely well on their tests and got all their homework and classwork assignments turned in on time. We are still working on our new schedule at home. They liked staying up all night during summer and the transition to going to bed and waking up early is taking a little more time for their miniature bodies to get used to. (There were several cranky mornings this week, lol). I think all of us are taking advantage of the 'down time' this weekend and just staying low key, gathering our thoughts and catching our breaths and finding the momentum to start back at it come Monday morning. :-)
Bring on week two, but first.... there might be talk of a birthday.... hmmm.... (hehehe)
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Maira Gall