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Just in time for my birthday.... my new Personalized License Plates came in the mail!!
Yes, I had personalized plates before this one (HTMOMZ) but I have been wanting the new AZ Cardinals plate for over a year now! So, when I went to renew my registration this year I looked into it. At first I was bummed that I couldn't just get the plate with my same personalization. Well, I could, if I really wanted them badly enough, I could go down to the actual MVD office, take a number and wait for God knows how long to 'apply' for my new-but-same plates. A) Like I have the 'spare time' to hang out at the MVD office and B) I have to admit I'm kinda over the constant stares and harrassing honks and whistles while driving that comes with having the HTMOMZ plates ... kinda gross. So, I decided to change it up. I tried coming up with a few football referenced names... I'm a huge #11 Larry Fitzgerald fan! But after a few failed attempts and really not having my whole heart in it, I knew I wanted something more personal, and probably referencing my Dad in rememberance. I really wanted some version of Sunshine to be my new plate name. (That was my first nickname from Daddy, when I was born he sang 'You Are My Sunshine' to me). But no matter how many different ways I tried to get it spelled out, it just didn't work. I was sad, but then the lightbulb went off. As a kid, Daddy always called me JJ. In fact, around my house I was rarely called Jen or Jennifer. And my mom and sister still sometimes refer to me at JJ. It was a family name only, nobody else (no grandparents or aunts or uncles or friends or even the hubs) used JJ as my nickname. That is how secret-special this name is. hehe. After trying a few different things, this was the one that the hubs and I decided on. DADZJJ. I love it and I couldn't be happier with it! I got my AZ Cardinals plate with a very personalized name in remembrance of one of the most important people in my life! ;-)

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