Wee Bit Wednesdays

{one} did you buy a christmas tree this year?
Yes, a 7-8 foot Noble Fir at Costco! ha! First year we didn't go to a tree farms stand.

{two} what is your favorite holiday tradition?
Our Christmas Eve party, gathered with friends and family. This year is the first year (in my ENTIRE life) that the party will not be at my parents home. It will be held at my home this year.

{three} do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas day?

{four} at what age did you stop believing in santa claus?
I still believe in the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas Spirit.

{five} do you fill stockings?
Yes, our stocking at home get filled by Santa, and we usually have stockings filled at my parents house, but again, I think that will be different this year as well.

{six} handmade presents or store bought presents?

{seven} do you have a favorite christmas meal?
Mimosas while gift opening, followed by our traditional Christmas brunch.

{eight} is your christmas tree real or artificial?
The main tree is real, the tree in my bedroom is artificial.

{nine} what is your favorite christmas song?
This year it seems to be O Holy Night by Josh Groban. But overall, White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

{ten} did you send out christmas cards this year?
As much as I want to, I don't think I can do it. I have tried several times, and I just can't bring myself to do it. What do I say. I feel like writing 'Hope You Have A Merry Christmas, I know it will be less painful than mine". lol... not exactly warm and inviting. ugh (this mourning stuff stinks!)

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