miscellaneous monday


-my aunt, and my uncle, and my mom' s cousing came into town on friday. i was glad they came to stay with my mom.
-saturday was mom's birthday. it was difficult. really difficult. daddy wasn't there, and i was sad. heartbroken. i can't imagine what christmas will be like.
-sunday funday. my sister came over and we watched football all day long. beer and brawts. can't go wrong.
-i won the neighborhood football pool. about time! lol
-i am addicted to playing Wordfued on my Droid with friends and family. if you have Droid, download game and hit me up. my username is jencoen (i know, how original).
-i woke up this morning sick sick sick! i can't breathe!
-i have not wrapped one single gift. not one... so you know what i'll be doing tonight.
-mom went back to CA. she'll get to see daddy's gravesite again (i haven't even been there once). 
-i'm in love with the song "Nights In White Satin" by the Moody Blues. i have absolutely no idea why. i think it's just the style of the song... the way the music plays. and the reading of the lyrics. i dunno. i just like it. lol
-i'm working in my office all by myself this week.
-i might have to drive to prescott, az to pick up a few gifts that aren't in phoenix. not exactly a bad thing (i could use the drive).
-i miss my friend.


Gina said...

Hey girl, get those gifts wrapped! Then you'll have one less thing to think about.
Hope you feel better too. (I can't breathe right now either, so I know how you feel.)

Tiffany said...

I hope you start feeling better soon~
I know the holidays are soooo hard, and completely not the same.
Remember not to worry if you can't go to the grave very often, he is not there, he is in your heart and all around you!
Sending you the biggest hug!

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