the day before the day before Christmas

i still have shopping to do.
i still have laundry to do.
i still have wrapping to do.

but i am sitting here, still barely able to breathe. i'm so sick. just in time for Christmas. 
oh well. i'm really not going to stress over it. this Christmas is by far going to be the most difficult one to get through, and i'm just concentrating on getting through it in one piece. the rest, eh! lol

it other news, i had to share this photo with you... i think it's my new favorite wedding photo! seriously!
couple reading newspaper
i found it over at Green Wedding Shoes, so you can check out all the photoshoot info there.

some fun Christmas party love can be found at Hostess with the Mostess blog:
colorful crafty Christmas table ideas
colorful modern Christmas centerpiece

found this via Rachel Denbow's blog:
Adam Hayes, 'With you again'

THIS POST made my heart warm. Her blog is one of my new fav finds!

another wedding... this one is a Christmas themed wedding (always love those... my two favorite things in life joined together...) available to view at Green Wedding Shoes (again)
winter wedding inspiration
(isn't the bride absolutely stunning!)

okay. i'm off to tackle my mountain of a list today!


Jamie said...

These are some awesome pictures and links!!!! Love that link to the "love like the owls" story! I need to favorite that. (This whole post actually)
I hope you feel better!!!! It's been fun playing wordfeud with you these past couple days! hehe (even tho you're kicking my butt!)
Enjoy the little moments! Love you!!! xoxo

Gina said...

Thanks for sharing all the eye candy today! I hope you feel better soon.

archives said...

oh no!!!! sorry to hear you got sick for christmas! hope you're feeling better and your holiday was enjoyable!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Such a Sweet picture,Love the hiding behind the paper, Great Blog and a New Follower ill be back for more, i love those of you who share images, i have no clue how to do so..
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! Just wanted to say hi and that I was thinking about you :)

hugs, Liz

lacy said...

love all these images! Such happy makers!

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