fill in the blank friday. end of the year edition.

1.   New Year's is (awesome/lame/other)   _usually awesome, but this year it will be a little lame, and definitely sad (I'm already feeling it)  .

2.  Last New Year's Eve I   _celebrated with at my Mom and Dad's home with the hubs, our kids, my sister and her kids, and our dear friend Trevor and his kids  .

3.  My New Year's resolution is  __to be sane. lol .

4.  The best way to spend New Year's Eve is  __with family at home. No driving anywhere.

5.  My prediction for an up-and-coming trend in 2011 is       hopefully kindness .

6.  This New Year's Eve I will   __be at home with the hubs, our kids, my sisters kids, and my mom .

7.  A fresh start is  __much needed !

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Gina said...

Happy, Happy New you & your family!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. I'll be home with the hubby and kids too! love you and miss you bunches!

hugs, Liz

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