it's over...

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer: Download Cover
i've finished reading the Twilight series (including the unpublished Midnight Sun). 
I'm sad about it, but happy, no.. proud that I read as much as I did in the past two weeks.
I know the hubs is happy to have me back. lol

When I think about the series (which I most certainly will read again, but probably not til I get a few other books in first)... the series brought up so many things inside of me, things I forgot. 

For example, and this is probably the most insignificant but still atop my list...
I miss playing piano. I miss listening to Classical Music and getting lost in the instruments, following one at a time as I would listen to a masterpiece over and over and over again. 
Did you even know I used to play piano?
I did. 
At the time, I didn't love it. My mother made my sister and I take lessons for years and years. She always wanted to be the lady sitting in the other room listening to her children practice. And she was.
I began playing by ear, starting with the 'ever-famous' Fur Elise (Beethoven) when I was 6.
My favorite song to play, the song that plays in my head when my thoughts are quiet is
"Moonlight" Sonata (Beethoven)
...have a listen...
Moonlight Sonata

this is NOT be playing by the way. I am waaaaay out of practice, but have been thinking about seriously taking it up again. My daughter really wants to learn how to play.

This series also made me a lover of reading again. I'm not trying to knock it, but I spent many of nights in front  of the TV for hours upon hours. For whatever reason, reading makes me feel more productive. And I can't even tell you how it's helped my sleeping! I'm actually falling asleep quick enough not to slip into the routine panic-attack! I enjoy being taken away by stories, and even learning from books I read as well.
I'm not sure what my next book will be. I've been wanting to read 'The Time Travelers Wife' or 'Dear John' but I think that this...
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer: Download Cover
is my next read.
I'll keep you updated!!


Anonymous said...

awww. i used to play the piano too. not by choice though. i hated it. i then took up the clarinet (which I played for like 8 years) and then the drums. lol. but i love music. you gain a different appreciation for it when you learn to play an instrument.

Jamie said...

Welcome back!!! hehehe ;)
I always wished I could play piano. I took lessons a few years back for awhile but never really kept up with it. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!! xoxo

Lindsay said...

so which book was your favorite?? Mine was the 4th! I always wished I could play the piano but never learned.

Heather said...

Hi! Not sure if you remember me but we went to high school together! Paul would remember me. I love your blog. You guys have a beautiful family.

Heather (Hall) Moore

Gina said...

So much to say here! First, don't you love the Twilight series? Breaking Dawn was not my favorite, but I've read them all several times.
Second, I never knew you played piano! I'm jealous...I always wanted to play piano. You should pick it up again.
Third, reading is the PERFECT cure for the panic attack! I found that out last summer. I started reading in bed at night & I have far fewer panic attacks overall. I guess it keeps my mind busy (unlike tv), relaxes me, and then I'm so tired, I just fall asleep. (Now you know why I've read the Twilight series several times! LOL)

Heather said...

I am good thnx! Post more of your recipes! I love to copy... lol Please tell Paul HELLO for me.

Amber said...

My coworker just read that book and loved it!! It is on my list! Let me know what you think. Also Time Travelers Wife is sooo good. I haven't read Dear John yet but will soon. I love all his books!

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