oh the places we'll go : England

My dad put the practically-impossible idea in my head that I should visit our life-long friends in England as my 'Big Gift' for my 30th birthday. I've always been terrified of flying, but after this last trip to Missouri all by myself I have gained a tremendous amount of strength. With that in place, I can't seem to get the hair-brained idea that my dad planted out of my mind.
Of course I have no immediate plans to visit, but one day I certainly will. I will see my beautiful family friends (they've been here to the US tons and tons of times). I can't even imagine exactly what it would be like, I know it would be life-changing. And how I would love to see the smiling faces of Jan and James, and even moreso the giggle of my Matt.
One day. It will happen.
In the meantime, I've been drifting through photos like these to satisfy my thoughts and dreams.

(Click on photos for credits)
London, England.
England's Green and Pleasant Land...
Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England, 11 October 2005
Old Farm Cottage, Chipping Campden, England
House of Parliament, London, England - August 2009
Whitehall, London, England
Westminster Abbey, London, England - August 2009
England, Stonehenge
P8120050-Burford, England
London Nights
London Bridge (Tower Bridge) : Reflection on the River Thames
London Eye in Night Light Motion
Victoria Memorial, London, England
Anglican All-Saints-Church / Anglikanische Allheiligen-Kirche in Biddenden, Grafschaft Kent, England, UK
London, England
Leeds castle, Leeds England


This Lovely City said...

Oh so lovely! I hope you get to go sometime soon. That little cottage with the black gate and stone wall is so dreamy! xo

Lindsay said...

oh how I love the places in England. It is such an awesome experience. this is totally random but is that your Escape in the Flickr photos? If so we have the same car!!! neat!

Liz said...

Tell ya what Jen..you fly here to Maryland then I will fly to England with you- that way you don'thave to go alone ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous castles! I want one...hehe.

Alexandra Mason said...

Hi, really enjoyed reading your lovely blog :) xx

Gina said...

Ha! I was just telling my daughter this tonight---if I wasn't afraid to fly, I'd want to go to England! You should go. I need to live vicariously through you.

Beckie said...

yeh england is pretty, its freeeeezing here at the moment though! xx

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