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I was a bit down yesterday. Don't know why. It was just an off day (must have been the lack of coffee). 
It didn't get much better at home. Stress and Worry seamed to attack from all angles.
I was happy to dive back into Twilight (book one) just for fun, and an escape. Thank goodness, it worked. I was in bed sleeping by 930pm.

Because I was so down yesterday, I decided to make a conscience effort today to bring my spirits back up. (BT-dub the extra sleep really did help out as well).
What always makes me happy???
Wedding Blogs!!
No, I'm not getting married or anything (although some cuties I know are... ahem Lehua and Laura)...
but I do love parties... big parties... and I do have a rather Big Birthday coming up this year... hehe
So I went in search of some fun birthday inspiration...
Take a Looksie!
Hope it brightens your day... it sure did mine.
Now for the guest list.... hmmm....


Jamie said...

Pretty! Pretty! What gorgeous pictures!!!!! Cheer up, Buttercup!!! I think you're feeling down because you haven't had a jamie fix lately. ;)

:corinne: said...

Hi jen do you remember me? I stumbled across your blog and so glad I did. Hope you're doing well. Love all your crafty stuff, I'm a scrapper too. I design for a paper co called Paper Trunk. Have you heard of it? Well looking forward to seeing all the stuff you create. Scrapping is my fav hobby. Huggs girlie.

Lindsay said...

wow gorgeous pics!!

Alexandra Mason said...

Gorgeous photos...if i'm feeling down or can't sleep i will read harry potter (the philosphers stone) or wind in the willows, they are comfort reading for me :) xx

Carrie said...

love the pictures! Cheer up I have been alittle down these days too so I completely understand :D



Jamie said...

yay the most fun post EVER!!! i'm so in loveee with EVERY picture!!!

we have a lot in common...we need to meet for reals;)

Danielle said...

best post ever! I am so inspired. Thanks girl <3

Holly said...

I recently had a birthday party which we coined a 'bwedding' - a wedding themed birthday. I didn't have any wedding on the horizon, so it was perfect. We had bwidesmaids and a cake and a guest book. Best party ever. I highly recommend. I made a blog for it -
:) Enjoy

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