my weekend went like this...

FRIDAY: My work computer was *still down... it had been a week, and I felt like I was drowning in the paperwork and stress and black clouds surrounding my office. I have quarterly taxes, annual taxes, and W2s to get through. Not to mention late payments due to not having a working computer for over a week. Ugh.
I rushed home to prepare for my Pampered Chef Party that night. I absolutely love everything the Pampered Chef has! My party was quite successful, and I'm still gathering outside orders.
SATURDAY:  I finished New Moon early in the morning. I was seriously in a state of sadness that I didn't get a copy of book 3 (Eclipse) lined up. I was eager to spend the gloomy day reading. Instead, I decided to give the movie Twilight another shot (the first time I watched it I couldn't stop complaining and yelling that things were not playing out the way they were in the book). It seemed to go much better the second time around. I was much more forgiving.
The hubs had to work all day, but came home with a surprise for me...
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer: Download Cover
I finished it in two days! No joke!
SUNDAY:  I woke up late (due to staying up so late reading the night before) and it felt nice to get a little more uninterrupted rest. Did a little more reading. hehe. But eventually I had to get up and get ready for my beautiful princess niece's 3rd birthday at Peter Piper Pizza. That was an adventure. Kids running and screaming, hopped up on sugar and pizza. lol. We were able to watch the Indianapolis Colts beat the New York Jets at the pizza place. Afterward, like a good girl, I went to the gym and watched the first quarter of the Minnesota / New Orleans game while doing my cardio. Yay me!
I came home, and litterally 'read' the night away. I finished the beloved third book this morning somewheres around 2am. lol. Yep, I've become a freak.
MONDAY (TODAY):  My wonderful computer team was able to get me up and running and I've been working away. Taxes taxes taxes. Not my fav, but a total and complete necessity. I think the hubs is gonna take me to see New Moon tonight. And when I get back...
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer: Download Cover
will be waiting for me. (I've already read chapter one. hehe)

Enjoy your Monday!!


Julie (Glamour Damaged) said...

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are my favorites! Actually Breaking Dawn is my fav. Hurry up and read it! Youre missing out! The more times you watch Twilight, the more and more you like it. You notice SO much more, and so much more little expressions they make, make more sense. I read all 4 books in 7 days! I couldn’t put them down. I would sneak and read it at work (lol) and right when I get home, pick it up and read for 8 hours straight (until 1am!) The movie New Moon was a little cheesy, but I still liked it cause im a fan :D

Hi by the way! Im Julie and your blog is cute :)

xoxo Julie

Lindsay said...

oh how I love the Twilight series. It sucks you in! I read the first 3 books in about 5 days then the 4th book I read in a span of 2 weeks bc I didnt want it to end. LOL

Gina said...

Busy weekend! I wish I could have come to your Pampered Chef party, I bet it was fun. Enjoy that Breaking Dawn!

Sandy said...

I've read the entire series 4 times. I love these books. So sweet of your husband to bring you the book. :)

Julie (Glamour Damaged) said...

I saw this video this morning and had to share! Its so funny! Its called "Twilight what have you done to my wife?"

Ive read the series twice and listen to the "books on tape" on my ipod daily! I even have the movie on my iphone, lol!

xo Julie

Miss Wanderlust said...

you are sooo funny!!
I posted my pictures from my mini book on my blog of our trip to Springfield!!
check it out :)
love you so much.

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