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The post below helps to explain the rollercoaster pace I've been on the past month.
*Paul and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary (not to mention this June will be 14 years we've actually been together).
*March 15 (coincidentally my parent's 29 year wedding anniversary) we left for a surpise-to-the-kids and fun-filled week to the island of Kauai'i, Hawai'i.
*March 22 (coincidentally my sister and soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law Joe's 6 year wedding anniversary) we return to the "real-world.
*Previous to the above mentioned, Paul and I ran the business for two weeks on a 24/7 schedule (quite stressful, to say the very least)

Don't mean to sound so stressful... but, this vacation has been planned for over 5 years... it was well deserved, and much anticipated by Paul and I.

...So without futher a'do... here are some photos...

(The kids so excited to be in a limo... at 545am... they had NO IDEA we were going to Hawai'i)

(Our place-of-stay, the Bali Hai in Princeville, Kauai'i, Hawai'i)

(at the Kilewheia Lighthouse)

the beginning of the Na'Pali Coast... this doesn't even BEGIN to describe it!! It is truly God's amazing creation!

The taro fields where they made poi.Aloha!


photography4me said...

What a lucky girl...The pictures are beautiful..So when did you actually tell the kids where they were going? Man!!!! What a lovely surprise that would be.

photography4me said...

Will you be going to the RVA Craft Weekend? I'm driving down from WI.

Bridget said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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