Most recently, I've had this total fixation with flamingos. They are such a beautiful and delicate (and Pink) birds. I've always had a special place in my heart for them, and I know why. My aunt (my only aunt on my father's side) has a love for them as well. She collected things flamingo-ish and had them all over her totally-rad 80s decorated house. I think that my recent *adoration for them is linked up to the feelings I've been having, missing her and wishing she was still here, wondering why I didn't get enough time with her, didn't get to know her as an adult person and not just my aunt karen. She's been gone a little over 10 years now, and with my daughter being her namesake, I just wish my aunt could have met my kids, watched me grow into adulthood, been at the other end of a phone call for advice. The holidays always make you miss those loved ones just a bit more. So I suppose, the flamingo God*wink going on right now is just my way of acknowledging my feelings, and letting them be. I'm thankful for flamingos.
P.S. Happy (25+25)+x Birthday Momma! I love you! "I'm right on top of that Rose..." (story to come later)

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