lookie what i'm up to

I learn-ed to join photos in photoshop. hehe (that was an hour process).

This morning Sissy made Belgium Waffles for us.

Last night I came home (after my crop) to these beautiful Sunflowers (my favorite) on the nice-clean-kitchen table.

Speaking of last night, and crops and scrapbooking and all that is inspring and creative, I actually got some things done. See...

(okay, so the third layout was actually started in 2005, but I never liked it and was gonna re-do it, but decided, eh, just get 'er done! hehe)
I'm so excited to be rubbin' up on my mojo (gotta wine and dine it first, before I can officially call it *mine again, hehehe). Keep your fingers crossed for more to come. hehe

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