wee bit wednesday

i can't believe it's already wednesday! this week is both flying by, and taking for-ev-er! so much to do every day, but i like my days jam packed with to-do's and such. 
allright... here we go... play along if you'd like.
{one} what was one thing that you valued when you were a kid?
Interesting question. "Valued" and "Kid" don't usually sound right together, but I would have to say as a kid I valued family time. Friday nights (TGIF), going out to a new restaurant or event or outing that my parents wanted to expose us to, or special events at home like anniversaries or birthdays. So many amazing memories.

{two} what was your favorite (+ lease favorite) subject in school?
I've always loved Math, I truly disliked Economics, like really bad.

{three} do you remember your first love?
Of course. What girl doesn't. lol.

{four} what one pet would you love to have?
I'm really not a 'pet' person, but if I absolutely HAD to choose, I'd say a puppy, that wouldn't grow big.

{five} would you rather live in the country or in the city?
I'd have a house in both. lol. Some days I wish it was the country, but to be completely honest, I can't be too far from a good shopping mall. Even with the wonders of technology and online shopping, sometimes a girl just wants to stroll down the way and window shop. 

{six} what do you love about blogging?
I love that blogging has introduced me to some amazing people, some who have become incredibly important to me and my life.

{seven} what is the first website you visit everyday?
Yahoo, to check my email. Followed by (don't want to admit this) Facebook. Followed by google reader.

{eight} will you or have you joined google+?
Nope, and probably wont.

{nine} what is your favorite scent of candle/air freshener?
In Spring and Summer it's floral, like Sunflower or Sweet Pea. In Fall and Winter it's spice, like Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie.

{ten} how would you describe your style?
Champagne taste on a Beer budget so I'll settle for a good bottle of Wine instead. lol.

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Gina said...

That'd be my exact reply to #10!

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