wee bit wednesday

{one} when was the last time you used a pay phone (if ever)?
Wow... I can honestly say I do not remember. I want to say it was when I was 16 and ran away to the beach. I called my neighbor, Kerry, to have her tell my parents I was okay. Lame, I know. (sidenote, I got caught and had to come home the next morning... and got grounded.... for a month! lol)

{two} did you ever fail a subject in school?
No way! C's weren't even acceptable (although I did get several of those).

{three} where do you go to get your favorite hamburger/cheeseburger?
Cheeseburger in Paradise has the best most yummiest burgers.

{four} have you ever served jury duty?

{five} how old were you when you moved out of your parents’ house?

{six} what is your favorite color to wear?
Black. lol. and Pink.

{seven} do you have a pair of shoes that you wear all the time?
Probably my black chanklas (flip-flops).

{eight} do you enjoy talk radio?
Nope. Boooooring.

{nine} if you could turn one unhealthy food into a healthy one, what food would it be?
Homemade Mexican food. 

{ten} who is the best speaker you’ve ever heard in person?
I'd have to say Pastor Mike from Northridge Community Church. I really enjoy the way he delivers a message.

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Gina said...

I thought for sure your answer to #1 was going to be "never, what's a pay phone" thereby making me feel ancient!! But I loved your somewhat rebellious story that went along with it.

Faith said...

We don't have a CIP near us. The closest one is a little over 6hrs. away. Bummer!! I clicked the link and would love to go there.

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