fill in the blank friday

1.   People always tell me I look like       Miley Cyrus (and when I was younger it was Topanga) .

2.  Friends don't let friends    wear ugly clothes. lol .

3.  A sunny day is perfect for     sun bathing  .

4.  My favorite accessory is   large rings .

5.  If I could afford it I would     hire a housekeeper  .

6.  The cure for boredom is       exercise   .

7.  I am currently "in like" with       greek yogurt  . 

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Gina said...

LOL to #2! Love it!

Have a nice weekend Jen.

Mrs. Biscuit said...

I love all of your answers! Especially the housekeeper of course! I desperately want someone to come tidy my house for me!!!

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