my new obsession


Spin Class (aka Cycle Class)
What started out as a way to get my hour of cardio in on Fridays has now become something I truly enjoy doing. I have the greatest teacher, Lorrie, who I found out also taught on Mondays. Last week I went, and felt that workout euphoria afterward (you know, that great feeling after you give it your all, sweat pouring, and you're happy you did it, got through it, survived it, endured it). Love that feeling... kinda addicting, yeah?
So tonight I head straight over after work, and I can't wait! I'm already super pumped!!
Whats even greater is that I was able to get my aunt (whom I work with) try the spin class at the gym (here by the office)  on Wednesdays and she love it!! We plan on going to this weeks class together again. Exciting when I can share something I enjoy doing. 

What's your latest obsession??


Anne said...

I've always wanted to try spinning! My dad does it three times a week! Maybe someday... :)

hellosweetworld said...

That's so cool! I want to join a fitness boot camp. I think that'd be a fun challenge.

Lately ive been obsessed with the TV show American Pickers and YouTube channels....eek!

Tiffany said...

I have been wanting to go to one but had been focusing on training for the half marathon but now that I am done with that for now, I will have to head on over to the gym and try one of these classes! :)
Thanks for the reminder!

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