soooo... we don't have a door to our bathroom upstairs in my office. why? well, because it would have to be an "L" shaped custom-made door (because our office is a contemporary guest house) and because it's just me and my aunt in the office and it's really no big deal. we have a full bathroom (toilet, sink and shower) downstairs that has a door and a lock. 
the weather has been nothing short of beautiful here in AZ so naturally, we keep the windows and doors open (I forgot to mention that we have a huge glass window, that doesn't open... next to the toilet in our upstairs bathroom). 
now, because it's just us (me and my aunt... just girls) we always use the bathroom up here to pee and the occasional numero dos. like i said, it's really no big deal for us. if we have 'company' we use the downstairs bathroom. 
so... i sitting there, on the toilet... no big deal. i hear the door from the garage open downstairs. no big deal... must be the hubs or my uncle (they both are used to the no-door bathroom rules as well). but an unfamiliar head starts to climb up the stairs... it's an out of town guest!! one who doesn't exactly know the no-door bathroom rules!
he's embarrassed... i'm embarrassed!!
but seriously... everyone's gotta use the bathroom!

someone please tell me your embarrassing story!!! 


Gina said...

Oh dear! Don't you hate when things like that happen?

I would have to say I was embarrassed one day when my neighbor (who is a chef) came over to borrow milk. His son wanted pancakes. I have no idea why I decided to answer the door in my red snowflake pjs, no makeup, severe bedhead & NO bra! (And I am not small, those girls were hangin' let me tell you!) I didn't think I'd ever be able to face him again.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! When I came to visit and got the tour I remember seeing that bathroom and thinking to myself "what if someone REALLY has to go???" :)

But it seems I don't have ANY privacy even with a door, so don't feel bad. We have a bathroom in our bedroom which doesn't have a lock. There is a little vent on the door which the cat clawed off when she got stuck in the bathroom so now it's just a "hole" where the vent should be...well any time I go to the bathroom or take a shower steven lays on the otherside and watches me. He likes to put things through the hole too. Oh and my wonderful husband just walks in on me now too. I prefer privacy, even if you ARE married to me.

That wasn't really embarrasing though, just sympathizing with your bathroom issue. :) :)

hugs, Liz

ps. little miss princess will be here TUESDAY! :)

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