how was your weekend?

yes, i really would like to know! what'd ya do? who'd ya see? anything new? anything exciting??

My weekend was (thankfully) low key. We were on call for work and that mean stick close to home.
The weather was gloomy and gray and perfect movie watching weather. However, no movies were actually watched.

Oh, but laundry got done.
I read SIX chapters in The Eat Clean Diet Recharged!
The kids and I got our workout on the Wii Fit.
Had a yummy din din and board game night with some friends.
And Sunday...

Oh Nascar, how I love thee.
The anticipation for this year's Great American Race was huge! New track and all. 
For me, the anticipation was filled with excitement and heartache. This was the first Daytona without my Dad. And this is huge. My Dad loved Nascar, always watched it, even recorded it while we'd be at church to watch it when he got home. If I wasn't watching it with him, I was sure to call and talk about  the ending or anything cool that happened in the race. I think I'll miss that most.
Yes, I cried. Of course I cried.
At the beginning...
the entire lap 3...
and at the end...
Can you believe a Kid, Trevor Bayne was 20 years and 1 day old when he won the Daytona 500 for 2011! Incredible!

I'm sure Daddy was up there in heaven watching the race with Dale Sr! hehe

Overall, it was nice and relaxing and low key weekend. A two-thumbs-upper in my book! :-)

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Gina said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend! Of course ours was snow & soccer filled, but at least we are on winter break from school this week, so hopefully we can have some fun or relax.

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