whats in my bag...

In honor of ending the first month of the new year, I decided to play along with the whole 'whats in my bag' game... I know, you are all so super interested. hehe
Here goes...
(Top to Bottom, Left To Right)
- My Pink Droid
- My Coach Bag (that I got for my 30th Birthday... that holds all the rest of the crap-o-la, lol)
- Sephora Mirror
- Small Coach clutch (for smaller items, like receipts)
- My Pink Kenneth Cole wallet
- Hair Tie (always important)
Burts Bees chapstick
Get Lippy by Bodybalm (a MUST HAVE people!!)
- Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works
- A Gift Certificate to Swankys Boutique in Anthem
- My *new* Coach glasses
Sephora eye liner and mascara
- Office and House Keys
- Black Pen
- Book of Matches from Pappadeaux
- First Lucky Penny that I found after my Dad passed away (Pennies From Heaven)
Playboy Credit Card Case 
- Key Fab to my Lexi, with my Mountainside Fitness pass
- Family photos
- Business Cards for our business

I know, lots of girlie stuff. I might be kind of a girlie girl... I dunno... maybe. lol

I hope you play along! Link Up so I can see whats in YOUR bag!!


Haley said...

xo haley

Gina said...

Ha! I love this & I would love to have your purse too!

hellosweetworld said...

I have the same Coach clutch in purple. I love it! That and my dog's collar are the only two Coach items i own...hehe. Isn't that just silly?!

Ashley Watts said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who kept their high school key ring! :D

I posted my finally this morning: http://www.thesehours.com/2011/02/whats-in-my-bag.html

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