on the third day of december...

i had every intention of blogging the second day of december. but, i didn't get that far. so sorry. the cliffnotes would be that i was super busy at my second job, while still calling and scheduling for my first job, then off to run all around the west side of phoenix for christmas gifts. yay.

on the third day of december, i am totally swamped with invoicing at my first job, so i'm gonna go with the 'ol fill in the blank friday (which, to be honest, i actually really like to do). play along!

1.   Holiday spirit  _ is best thing ever! I sorta wish it lasted all year long, but totally understand why it cant... I just seriously love it love it love it  !!!

2.  The holidays are incomplete without  __family, baking, and good food .

3.  My favorite things to do around the holidays is  __decorate and shop  .

4.  A holiday tradition my family and I have is   __Santa Claus would always come and visit our party on Christmas Eve and bring toys to the kids. We also have Christmas Brunch instead of the traditional Christmas dinner. This year will probably be different .

5.  Holiday music is     joyful, fun, and uplifting.

6.  This year, I'll be spending the holidays   __with my family. The in-laws are coming and I am so grateful for that. This will be our first Christmas without Daddy, so I am not really sure how it all is gonna go .

7.  Holiday wish list  _ We aren't doing gifts for the adults this year (which is totally fine!!) but if I had a rich uncle (lol) I'd ask him for 1. A Record Player, 2. Fuji Instax Film (100 pack), 3. A Food Processor, 4. A Tripod with a Ballhead for my camera, 5. Nike+ gear (shoes with device, armband, etc.) !

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Kimiko said...

this is the first year we're scrapping the adult gifting too...it was bound to happen the kids are just so much more fun:)

Victoria said...

love your answer to #3!

Diana said...

I love your humber 4. I always wished someone would dress like santa for the kids

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