monday mess

monday mess = nothing really important to say. a mix of things to share with no general reference to each other apart from my finding them and wanting to share them with you good people who read this blog and try to understand me. lol.

This Post on This Blog made me cry. Yes, actually made tears roll down my cheeks. Ugh.

My cutie friend Gigi and her absolutely adorable decorating style!!

Mark Madoff's suicide on Saturday made me sad.

I can't wait to make Candy Cane Cupcakes

This wedding touched my heart... my parents met and courted at the Los Angeles Union Station in the 70s.

I am seriously...Seriously considering switching to Mac. Seriously.

Sarahs Holiday Party on HGTV this weekend makes me want to move to Canada.

I'm all about making Spiked Apple Pie

This took my breath away. Quite literally.

The End

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Gina said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! That was sweet.

I need to check out the links you mentioned. The cupcakes are definitely calling to me. So is the spiked apple pie. Yum!

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