its friday and i actually feel good

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in all honesty, i feel like i can breathe, like i can smile and really mean it.
man, its been a rough week.

but today is FRIDAY! today....
- my sister comes home from three weeks of management training in CA, and takes back her kids (whom i love deeply and dearly, but am ready for them to have their mom be their mom and not their aunt be their mom)
- is the last day i will be working in the office by myself (this is week FIVE people, doing double jobs, and being alone while grieving is not exactly a perfect match)
- i have family in town, and that always feels good
- i bought 50 episodes of Wheel of Fortune on Facebook (yes, I know I am a dork, but it mellows me out, okay! lol)
- i decided that i am going to do something 'charity-like' with my kids (more on that to come)
- i hope to get my craftiness on when i get home

i have to give my mom a HUGE shout-out! she is amazing, and has had my sisters kids since wednesday night, and (although i worry about her) it has made such a difference in my household. i love you mommy!!

okay, well i hope you have a super fabulous weekend. perhaps i'll blog, perhaps i wont. lets just see shall we (this, coming from the so-called planner). lol.

enjoy life!


Jamie said...

I'm so happy today is a good day! I hope it continues to the weekend and that you feel awesome! Praying for you all the time, girl! Love you!!! xoxo

Gina said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling well! Keeping my fingers crossed for lots more good days ahead for you.

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