its tuesday. and i'm already tired.

i can't believe it. i was so ready to take on this week, and yesterday afternoon beat me down.

i had the usual houseful of kids (mine and my sisters) no biggie, except every single one of them didn't turn their ears on apparently, and simply wouldn't listen. grrr.

 it was monday madness at hungry howies, so i picked up two pizzas (only i ate four pieces like a hefer, lol). and then the fun began...

have i mentioned my sisters two little ones had the flu last week? 
well, my bubba got it, and was puking up a storm all night. fun times. (mom, you and dad can't come over or be around these kids for a few days, until i lysol everything... including the children. lol)

i had to be into work at 730am (so i had to leave the house at 630am) due to my own idiocy. when i got here i had a major accounting error to find (still working on that, actually taking a mental break to blog).


I've decided that I'm not going to let life's little struggles get me down.
No stress. No worries. 

So... onto some fun stuff...

Okay, apparently I misread day eleven and thought that was for family, so please refer to that pic. lol

If you have the time, click HERE... this is something I came across, and it just really made me feel good and opened my eyes. I love Kind Over Matter... makes my heart smile. If you don't yet, you should definietly follow it.

And lastly... GIVEAWAYS!!
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Make it a super awesome day party people! I will!!


Hearthandmade said...

oh no! get some rest! and hopefully nobody else will have to suffer from the flu! poor wee mites, must have been really hard to listen to though if they were so sick! Im not suprised youre exhausted. Get a cup of tea and some chocolate and sit down for a while.

lacy said...

Eeee you're doing yoga, that's super awesome! I am so glad you found it or it found you! soon it will be a sanity craving and feel so much better in your body than any ole slice of cake ever could! So excited for you, rooting for you beautiful girl!

Gina said...

Oh my goodness, you poor thing! Here's hoping today goes much better than yesterday.

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