day twelve : musical artist's story

day twelve : favorite musical artist's life story

oooh, kind-of a toss up.
i'd pick the ever-inspiring and all-time favorite
because she is a so-cal girl (very important) and plus i've been a fan since No Doubt was itty-bitty and not world famous. lol

then there is also the sexy 
whos life story includes being shot in the heart and lungs by his ex-wife.

and lastly, i love 
because of his album "Tough All Over" where he wrote through the personal pain of losing his wife to suicide.


Deb said...

When I saw the photo of my girl Gweny-Gwen-Gwen I had to come over and leave you a note. ;o) My daughter and I LOVE her.

I fell in love with Trace Atkins when he was on Celebrity Apprentice (embarrassing, but true). And I didn't know that about his ex-wife. Holy smokes!

Gary Allan must be a country guy...I haven't heard of him before.

Hope all is's your back?

Gina said...

For some reason I always associate you with Gwen Stefani. Weird huh?

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