day ten : a dream

day ten : a dream you had this past week described in detail


don't really know if this could be considered a dream....
i was being chased. in a school. pretty sure it was a high school. 
weird people from my past and present, dead and undead, were there and i was running past them screaming for someone to help me. of course, as most of my dreams, nobody can help me.
i find myself at a window, and jumping out will be my only way of escaping this 'person' chasing me.
so. i jumped.
the weird part is, once i jumped, 
my perspective changed, and i was standing below on the sidewalk, admiring the architecture of the old building, when i saw myself falling towards me.
weird, right.
no, i didn't 'hit the ground' (that's always peoples first question).
before you go psycho-analyzing my dream i will have you know that just the evening before i was listening to a few 'cop' stories from my friend (who is a cop) and two stories were about jumpers. so that probably has alot to do with it.

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