catching up...

hello blogland...

while i would love to say that i've been mia for very fun and fulfilling reasons, i cannot.

i've been bed-ridden (once again)... this time for... (drumroll) strep throat. eek!

i've had strep all of about never in my life, and i can say with certainty that it sucks big time!

good news is that i (A) actually went to a doctor and (B) actually got a perscription and have been taking it! (those that know me, know i won't even take an advil or tylenol for headache, let alone a full-blown antibiotic with crazy-gross side affects!) i decided that i should just give in and take the damn meds because (A) my mother stressed to me how important it is that we all keep in the best health possible because Daddy's immune system is sooo super low due to the chemo and (B) a little on the selfish side, but, yeah... my big 3-0 birthday is next Sat (8/21) and I will be better by then!

i'm going to be catching up on...

been feeling like scrapbooking or painting or something fun and crafty. but by the time i get home from work & the gym and get the family needs taken care of i'm whooped. maybe a goal for year 31 of life. hmmm.

trying to maybe plan a mini vaca before february. really want to go back to Kauai, but that might not be possible. hmmm. we'll see. i feel like i need a mini vaca, and soon. lol

lastly, i wanted to share my love for my lovely girl Lehua who recently lost her father to cancer this past Sunday. i have shed many, many tears for this girl, and her family. she's apart of my very own support group for dealing with my own father having cancer. i love her without ever having met her. she is light to me. please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and remember that life here is so short here on earth. be sure to let people know you love them. if tomorrow never comes.

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