See! I'm still here...

Crazy hair and all... 
but I'm feelin' good. Really good. 
Had an awesome workout yesterday (sore as hell today... thanks Dustin, lol)
and getting schtuff done in the office!!

I thought, since I'm in *such a great mood today...
that I'd share a fun little playlist with you.

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It's total oldies... like, lowrider oldies. hehe
When I was younger... what am I saying, I *still listen to the Art Laboe Killer Oldies Show!! 
Honestly... it's still one of my favorite genres of music to listen to.
It makes me think of my dad (who has totally influenced this fondness of music).
He has the entire collection of 
vinyl records! And I can't wait to get
THIS Turntable from UO to start playing them on!

What's making YOUR day today??


Ces't La Vie said...

that's the good kind of pain :) from a work out!

cute blog!


ps i found you through a button, if you would like to trade just let me know and we can spread the love! :)

Jamie said...

Goodness girl! Your face is super skinny!!! How much weight have you lost? You've been working out non-stop it seems like!!! Come over and be my trainer. ;) Miss you!!! xoxo

Erin said...

Painting my daughter's toenails and blowdrying her hair. She's usually too wiggly but today she let me pamper her and that made my day. :)

Gina said...

You are back--and looking adorable too, I might add. Awesome playlist, I enjoy the oldies too.

Tiffany said...

Super cute hair!! Love it! I wish I were that fun with my boring hair! :) You are AWESOME! :)

Stephanie said...

Ooh, I want that turntable!

Ces't La Vie said...

grabbing yours right now!! :)


Mary said...

Great blog :)

The sunshine is making my day!

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