i'm addicted!
i went to my first zumba class last night with my neighbor (yes, even being sick) and i absolutely LOVED it!
If you don't know what Zumba is... or just curious... go HERE!
If you don't belong to a gym, or can't find a local class, I highly suggest renting or buying a video. So Much Fun! It really doesn't even feel like working out... more like dancing in a club getting super hot and sweaty but in a totally good way!
Give it a try!!
P.S. This Cutie Girl is a certified Zumba instructor (I Love reading her blog) and recently learning this gave me the extra push to finally give it a try! :-)


Anonymous said...

awww! thank you! and so excited to hear you love zumba!! :]

Carrie said...

I love zumba too! I wish they offer a class where I live so for now I will just have to do it in my living room but its still fun!


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