weekend mia. explained.

- i spent the weekend with my five favorite kiddos (my two and my sisters three)

- the hubs went pig hunting thursday but came home early on saturday because he got rained out. he was NOT a  happy camper. lol.

- i got most of the laundry done

- i made blueberry muffins from scratch

- i made cupcakes with green and blue frosting

- i began to read this book (and am less than 100 pages away from finishing)

- i watched this movie (it was okay. not my fav five. just being honest)
Cover Image

- also watched this movie with my sister (i haven't spent much time with her, and i really, really enjoyed it! thank you Lisa!!)
Cover Image

- we tried to watch this movie (since my son and nephew just finished the book) but BOTH copies from the library were scratched-to-shiz so I'm gonna go out and buy it today so that we can all watch it tonight... it was a real bummer
Cover Image

- i rented this movie from the library. and i can't *wait to watch it later today or tomorrow
Amadeus with F. Murray Abraham: DVD Cover

- saturday night my throat was sore. my sinus area was itchy.

- sunday i woke up sick. stuffy. body aches. swollen glands.

- sunday night nyquil put me to bed at about 8pm.

- i woke up today (monday) late. got to work barely on time. my ears are buzzing and stuffed. i hope i make it  til 2pm at least. 

- i don't feel good. whaaa. (fingers crossed for tomorrow).


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