peace... pass it on....

Miss Janel is having a really wonderful giveaway. And peace is what its about, man! hehe

(Below) is my entry, and also your formal introduction to....

The Balancing Coffee
(my son chose the name of our series)
A total collaboration of my dear son's balancing skillz and my eagerness to learn more about my camera. 2010

Please visit the series (an ongoing Mom & Son project) at The Balancing Coffee

P.S. Speaking of Giveaways... hop on over to Miss Jamie's to see what I won!! Yay Me! hehe


Sandy said...

first I love your blog header, it's awesome and second that's a great photo. Congrats on the win. I already congratulated you over at Jamie's blog. ;)

Lindsay said...

Your blog header looks great! Love the peace pic!

Carrie said...

I love your new header! Cute pic!s

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