family fun filled weekend

I know I've been absent. Sissy was in the Fiesta Day Parade on Saturday... that pretty much took up the entire day. I found this amazing painted wall and played around with Bubba and my new camera lens.
We had two hours before the parade actually started so we decided to walk around and create a photography series. I'll post that next. Its silly.
Today (Sunday) I've pretty well been on the couch keeping up with football. Even though the AZ Cardinals are already guaranteed into the playoffs, I liked watching the other teams fight for position. (Note, this does not mean you play like poo... I'm talkin' to you Cards!!)
I've been going back and forth on this one, but I have decided to have my very first ever Giveaway.
Whatcha think?
Details on that to come.


Jamie said...

Hellz to the yeahs! You know I'm a fan of giveaways! Awesome picture! Hope your first Monday of the new year goes swimmingly well! Or awesome, whichever you prefer.

Miss Wanderlust said...

oh good gravy!! I looove this picture so much, looks totally professional :) Also, love the blog banner :)

hellosweetworld said...

Happy New Year girlfriend! And yes, love that pic! What lens is that? I'm always curious of what lenses people use....hehe.

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