Book Review: Best Friends Forever

Okay, so inspired by the lovely Danielle's inquiry, and in a serious effort to read 'one-book-a-month' (I can't believe I just put that out there)... (yes, I would like to read a combined total of at least 12 books at least in 2010)... I have decided to write my own book review of what I have read.
My Review. My Notes. My Rules.
I am in no way, shape, or form an 'avid reader' like so many people out there. Like I've said before, I was good to read half a book a year. My book reviews are my personal interpretation. Thats it. It might not be fair, or pc, or happy, or sad or anything. It's just me talking about a book I read. Got it? lol. Okay.
Without further ado...

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I decided to read this book because A) my sister just got done reading it and said that it was such a great book, B) it was written by the same chick that wrote 'In Her Shoes' which I haven't read but truly loved the movie (definitely one of my top 12) and C) it was available on the library shelf. :-)
The book opened with a hot and steamy and suspenseful list of scenes. Being a slow reader, thats probably what I needed to keep me involved. lol. As the second chapter began, it didn't flow from the first one, and one I got into the book a few chapters, I saw why. The entire book goes between character to character, as well as back and forth from past to present. This threw me off a few times, but was easily picked back up.
I really enjoyed the characters, the main girl 'Addie' reminded me of so many girls I have known (and still know) and she just melts your heart. I found her to be the most intriguing, from her family life, to her artistic ability, to her obsession with food. Just everything this girl goes through, ugh. I wanted to hug her the entire time.
The story pretty much goes Addie and Val were neighbors, complete opposites who I think balanced each other out, and who were the best of childhood friends. (We all had one). Like everywhere else in life, high school came. With all the drama and issues. Ultimately the girls friendship didn't make it through and it was devastating. I've been through that. I've been on both sides of that. And reading it reminded me of that pain. The book doesn't go much into Val's life during the girls seperate lives, but they do share in detail the solitary life that Addie leads and her decisions to control her own life. There is one part of the book that didn't sit well with me, and that is when Addie 'gets a man'. Its heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. As she falls in love with this man who from the beginning stated the rules. Plus he's old, and married, and a doctor, and European. And the book goes into some 'private detail' that I could have done without. Don't get me wrong, if thats your cup of tea then drink up. I guess don't knock it til ya try it? lol. Just kidding (I think). hehe. Anyway, in the end the girls reconcile under a very unnatural situation that occurs (a maybe-murder), but what I got out of it was that everybody has their own road. If you're lucky, your road will intersect and continue on with the people in life who really matter the most to you. Making the journey well worth it.


Jamie said...

Oooh! I'll have to read this one!

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds sooo good. I am going to buy it for my Kindle in a minute (thanks to this review!) so I'll let you know what I think :).

Thanks for posting this- I loved reading your thoughts on it.


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