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Well, first and foremost I want to let everyone know that I *greatly appreciate the thoughts and prayers. They really have helped lift my spirits!

As you can imagine, times are a bit tough.

The good news... all of Daddy's testing (more specifically his bone marrow testing) came back with positive results. The cancer seems to be in the blood (truly, I'm just relaying what I've been told, I have no clue the medical details or teminology of it all). We were told, that if you *had to get cancer, this would be the kind to get. Speaking of, I didn't think I've mentioned the name (do we need to que the intro music, hehe... humor people, it's one of the only things keepin' me going). Non-Hotchskins Lymphoma / Low Grade Folicular Lymphoma. I don't know which is which and what is what (in other words, I didn't google it for fear of diagnosing and terminating my father in my fearfilled thoughts). I do know that it is treatable, and said to even be curable.

The not-so-good news... I don't know if those statistics (treatable/curable) are for healthy elderly men. Daddy is 65 with Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabites, Low Digioxin, High Potassium, Anemia... thinking... yeah, I think that's it. Not your tri-athelon, but one rock of man, in spirit. Okay, deep breathe... here goes. Daddy will start chemotherapy. Next Thursday. One treatment every three weeks for six treatments. Deep, cleansing breathe. This is a pro-active response, and the type of chemo doesn't affect the heart or kidneys. But, we still have a whole list of precautions. So. That's where we're at.

I'm a boat-load of mixed emotions. There's half of me that I can feel growing stronger into a grown up (ick, hehe) but into an adult, where I can handle things of great magnitude, like a parent dying. Then there is the other half of me, that still feels like the little girl, crawling up in her Daddy's lap, the most loving and secure place ever felt. Ugh, great... bawling! That's all it takes.

Okay... new subject! haha. (I can't keep boring you with my tears and feelings and such. haha. No really, today I just cant share. But one day, maybe.)

So, new subject. Finally, after a cracked screen (growing wider by the day) and a 7 minute life-span on my battery, I got rid of my piece-of-poo cell phone and got the New Voyager from Verizon. It's my new little present to myself. hehe. In all honesty, I felt it necessary to answer calls from your kids teachers wanting to know if the kids are riding the bus home or not, except the cell phone is dead, and you don't get the message til later, making you feel like a total rotten parent. Yeah, worth the expense in my mind. hehe


Bridget said...

Jen theres a lot of people praying for your daddy (in this family alone) stay strong and hand it over to God he is in control. Hugs!!! Bridget p.s. tell roooosaleeeeeeeee hi:)

Gigi said...

Well, all sounds hopeful for your dad. Thank goodness! I'll keep sending prayers & good thoughts. Stay strong.

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