*golden weekend...

So, this past Wednesday (9/10/2008) was Courtney's *Golden birthday, meaning she turned 10 on the 10th. It was a Big one for her because it was her *golden birthday, but also because she is now 'double-digits'... wow, ten years went by all too quickly. Hard to believe.

We spent the evening out to dinner at Denny's... it's too funny how all the kids, mine and my sisters, love to spend their birthdays at Denny's.

Saturday was the Big party. Courtney and 7 of her closest friends were chauffered off in a
big pink limosine to Sweet and Sassy for a 'Runway Party'. As soon as the limo door opened they walked the red carpet into the store where they had their hair and make-up glammed up, nails painted, dressed up, and walked down the runway, 'striking-a-pose' at the end. They danced, and sang, did cheers, ran around the girly store... a 10 year old's dream come true! (and maybe even a 28 year olds, hehehe).

Aside from the birthday excitement, Friday night, at the monthly scrapbooking crop that I host, we were visited by this little guy. Yep. That's a true Arizona Diamondback Rattlesnake. Quite the excitement, Paul and a neighbor came over to the community clubhouse (walking distance from my house) and caught this snake for a 'snake-proofing' trainer (a person who snake-proofs dogs) who just happen to be scrappin' that night.
All in all, a very productive and fun weekend. I worked on the new mini-book I got from Leigh-Ann, but pictures to come perhaps next post. :)
Take Care, and Enjoy Life!!!


Gigi said...

Oh Happy Birthday to Courtney! I am so jealous of her birthday party! I want to strut my stuff down the red carpet too! (stomping my foot and frowning now)

Bridget said...

I look at her and I see you all over again!! crazy! 10 wow!!! Looks like a fun bday..and happy belated to you too;)

Shannon Hartz said...

Hi Jen, I found your blog through Bridget's blog. What a beautiful family you have:) It's fun to see how well you guys are doing:) LOL Shannon (Hicks) Hartz

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