OLW 2017

Happy Monday! Stay Humble. Work Hard. Be Kind. Inspirational Art by Pretty Chic SF:

Hi lovies! I chose the word "Humble" this year. Definition includes "having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance" and "offered with or affected by a modest estimate of one's own importance".

This word can be misunderstood quite easily, and I do not intend to live it as a negative influence (berating, demeaning, or lowly). I am choosing to utilize this OLW as living more simply, more modest, more respectful. Sort of a less talking, more listening approach (if that makes sense).

This word found me, in several ways recently, and I knew that it was to be my OLW for 2017.

I've chosen a OLW for several years now, and truth be told, I always have the best of intentions sticking with it throughout the year, but somewhere in the middle it diminishes and by the end of the year I come back to it just in time to choose another word. This year, I have chosen to be active in really living and working my OLW. This year, I have joined Ali Edwards OLW year-long class. I am mostly excited, and a bit nervous, but overall I am really looking to commit myself to this creative process.

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