I ...

I feel... joyful. Today is Friday, I have today's cycle class to accomplish, then the glorious weekend!

I want... to go out to a really nice and yummy and healthy dinner where I don't have to clean up. lol

I need... to stop blogging and start invoicing. lol

I wish... all my debt was paid off already.

I watched... Duck Dynasty on DVR last night.

I am... excited to play Yahtzee tomorrow night with new friends!!

I love... my family.

I hate... child molesters.

I hurt... my neck... kinked it Sunday morning and it STILL wont go away. Annoying! lol

I hope... my Dad visits me in my dreams soon. I miss him.

Borrowed from my sweet friend Rasha

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Tiffany said...

Fun answers!
:) I have even been in your cute car!

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