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Oh my, life is sure crazy beautiful.

Easter was spent at Moms... she's laid up with a bum leg, and my daughter is laid up with a bum arm, so that made our holiday weekend interesting. lol. The Easter Bunny came to our house, and to Grandma's house. It's funny how this year the 'older kids' didn't even get into their baskets until I asked them to. Hmmm, not excited for gifts? I might need to call that Easter Bunny and tell him to skip our house next year (Ahem, I know you're reading this, Courtney). This year we hid a whopping 68 eggs! We only have 5 kids... I swear that's a new record. hehe. Easter always makes me miss my Dad even more. I don't know why this is. The last Easter I remember it was hot in our backyard and he couldn't be on his feet for very long. He sat down on a chair in the shade, and this was so bizarre to me because my Dad was always very active at Easter. He loved dying eggs, and I'm not exaggerating that... he'd sit with a whole dozen and make them double colors and write things on them and draw crosses on them. He loved hiding the eggs, and loved watching them find them. Of course he always helped the little ones out. I can barely remember last Easter, so this one I felt the absence of him quite a bit more. Thankfully, the reason we celebrate Easter is the reason I know that I will be with my Dad again. Man, I can't wait for that day! I miss him so much!

Ah, yes. Something new has been introduced into my life... thanks to Jamie!! She is a coach at BeachBody and asked if I wanted to join her P90X group. Sure. I'm used to working out, and I'd love to have the workouts at home (nice alternative to going to the gym, and from having to pay a trainer although I miss mine dearly). What's really great is that the hubs got in on it too, so we work out together... at 5am... that would be in the morning (for those that don't know me... I am not a morning person, lol). We started with our fit test yesterday, and our first session today. 1 hour and 15 minutes later, I was sweating and shaking, and on the verge of puking (always a good sign that you've worked hard, especially after the first workout). As the day goes on I'm feeling the soreness creep in... oooh, hurts so good! hehe

Well, there's a whole nutrition program that goes along with the workout, so I'm trying to stay as close to it as possible. We already eat pretty clean in our house so it's not like a huge transition, but I will tell you that giving up my daily oatmeal or greek yogurt with berries for breakfast was difficult. Not the giving it up part, but the swapping it for eggs. Oh, you didn't know... I don't eat eggs. Yeah, I do not eat them, since, like, my whole entire life! The only time I eat them is when they are hidden in my chorizo and egg burritos. So this whole eating 1/2 cup egg whites in a mushroom omlette is really a challenge for me. I have to take my time eating (which ends up being 30+ minutes) because if I rush, those babies are coming right back up. lol. It's been, um, interesting to say the least. lol
Previous to the new eating schedule, I made this...

and let me tell you... yum! It looked (almost) exactly like that. I didn't take a pic because (honestly) I was too hungry and couldn't wait. lol
Oooh, I also made these for the kids...

Suuuuuper easy and the kids la-la-love them!

Sharing is Caring
I read something today that really hit home for me, down deep. Something that I think I will think about for the next few days, maybe weeks. See how it affects me. Tara Whitney's blog about change. I can totally relate. I can see in my own life how this can help... help me, my family, and others. Maybe you... read it.

So Sad
This made me sad this week. My prayers are with Tosca and Bob and their family. They have shown me the way to clean eating and taking care of yourself.

Wish List
Wanted to share my recent Wish List with you. It seems I have been doing a lot of 'window' shopping. My birthday's in August people... start saving your duckets. lol

(gift card will totally suffice)

my sunshine necklace

That Is All


Jamie said...

Love this post. :)
Also love that you're on this crazy P90X journey with me. Seriously....so glad!!!!
Love ya, girl!!! Also love your wish list. ;)

Kristin said...

Those noodles look good. I started P90x months ago and never finished. I need to! But i will tell ya, that first few days is rough!

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