i *finally* saw the Hunger Games

And so, here are my kids... waiting for the movie to start. Lemme just say that as I was getting ready to take this pic Bubba says "Wait!" and stuffs popcorn in his mouth... yep, that's my little goofball.

The movie was not nearly as graphic as so many have made it out to be. I think they did a great job keeping the movie as close to the book as possible given the time frame of a movie (this was an entire two and a half hours long). I teared up a few times, I giggled a few times, I nearly jumped into the row behind me when the damn 'muts' came out of the woods (my kids found that hysterical). Overall, two thumbs up! The book is always better, but this movie was really great too!

/// Pro's and Con's ///

+++ Lenny Kravitz as Cinna... yes, please... times ten!
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+++ (Spoiler Alert) I'm glad that they were able to write in Katniss putting Cato out of his misery when the 'muts' where attacking him, instead of waiting all night listening to his whimpers and pleads to die while the 'muts' munched on him and tore him to pieces. That part really disturbed me in the book, like, for days.

+++ Effie Trinkett's clothes are absolutely how I would dress every single day if I could. The makeup and the hair... it's like candyland for realz!

- - - I did not care for the style of filming... the camera bounced around, blurred in and out and went from screen to screen and back and forth... I'm quite confident that is why both myself and the hubs had serious headaches afterwards.

- - - I had Haymitch casted as Oliver Platt (for some odd reason) when reading the book

- - - They changed the whole way that Katniss received the Mockingjay pin... why? I liked the way in the book better, I thought it gave the pin added significance, especially when you read later read who gave it to her and all the background there and how that links into her mother... but whatevs.


Gina said...

It really was an awesome movie!
I totally jumped over those darn Mutts too and I couldn't believe it, because I read the book, I knew they were coming. Sheesh!

I, too, wish they had stayed true to the book with the mockingjay pin. I read somewhere that they didn't have Madge give it to Katniss because they didn't think they'd have time to introduce another character. That's why they kind of left the rest of the makeover team out too.

Kristin said...

Well, you know how i feel about this topic ;) but i really love the purple lady!

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