like being stung by a tracker jacker

You've seen the books, heard the rave reviews, even probably caught the movie trailer. Despite all the hype I just was not interested in reading these books. Just like with the Twilight Saga I dislike being suckered into a series or show or movie or what-have-you for the sake of popular demand. Especially this Hunger Games thing. I mean, the gist of what I got was kids being forced to kill each other in need of survival. It's just so NOT my kind of thing. I like happy stories, romances, comedies. But this dang book kept coming up in my kindle as a recommended read. No matter how many times I denied it, it still came up. It was actually quite annoying. I had a free book rental for the month of February, so I decided I'd give this dumb book a try. I'd read no more than two chapters and if it didn't stick I could tell the world and obsessed HG followers to suck it. 

You know what happens next.

I read the two chapters. Put the book down... for several days as a matter of fact. Finished another book (Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman, a very interesting read) and couldn't get Katniss out of my head. I knew I had to go back to the book. Maybe it'd lose steam, was my hope. But I ended up finishing the book within a week. And now I'm onto book two. And worse, I went ahead and purchased all three books on my kindle! lol.

I suppose I shouldn't buck the system any longer. There are reasons why things like Twilight and Hunger Games grow so big, become so popular, etc. They are truly good stories. They are well written, they capture your attention, you melt into the stories, you laugh, and cry, and sometimes even yell at the characters (because you know, that always helps. lol) I'm gonna keep reading these fab books, if you want to read my reviews you can find me on Goodreads

I would like to thank some serious HG fans out there for ultimately convincing my subconscious that these books are must reads. They are: Miss IndieBusy Bee Lauren, and Roofresh


Carrie Rosalind said...

So glad you read them and loved them - I can not wait for the movie to come out!!

Gina said...

Oh Jen, I got hooked too! When I first started reading it, (having no idea what it was even about) I kept saying to myself, "What the heck is this?" and "This is too weird for me." I still forged ahead reading it anyway & the next thing I knew, I couldn't put the book down! I can't wait to see the movie. I hope they don't mess it up!

Tiffany said...

I am glad you are reading it! I am the same way and finally was convinced to try them in the Fall ~ LOVED them! :) I haven't done Twilight...Not sure I can be convinced on that one~ But this series is great! Can't wait until you're done and update what you thought of all 3!
Happy reading!

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