fill in the blank friday

1.   My favorite thing about this week was/is     last night, going to the Arizona Broadway Theatre to see "A Chorus Line". What a great show, accompanied by a 4 star dinner! If you're in the AZ area... definitely need to make this a date night !

2.   Colder weather makes me   want to bundle up and eat warm soup and drink hot apple cider and dive into a really good book or a movie marathon    .

3.  Three things that make me terribly happy as of late are    vacation coming soon (not soon enough though, another few weeks), my mother's accomplishments (there have been several), and shopping... I cannot get enough of it    .

4. If I could only wear one kind of shoe for the rest of my life, I'd choose   chanklas... sandals, flip-flops... whatever you'd like to call them. i know, most people think I would live and die in my stilettos, but those adorable things hurt after a while. And really, I'd be just as happy to be barefoot... reminds me of being a kid   .

5.  My personality type is    simple but complicated. I'd say it's all about ME... and mostly it is, lol (because everybody knows I'm a pretty pretty princess, lol), but truth is, I really love helping others, being important in others lives, doing good for those around me. Hmm, maybe it is all about me after all. Hehehe 

6.  I have a serious problem resisting     chocolate. No joke, the older I get, the more dependent I become of the stuff. At least I prefer the dark stuff... the good for you kind. Right?

7.  My favorite color to wear is    probably green, or brown. I'd say black, but black is a shade, not a color (can't help it... too much artsy in my head) .

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