Happy First Day of Fall Y'all! 
Boy am I happy that Autumn is finally here! While I would love to say that the temperatures have lowered and the air is crisp, alas... it is not. Here in Phoenix we are still averaging temps at 104 degrees. But, the lows are getting cooler, and hopefully (fingers definitely criss-crossed) the highs will follow. I am so over summer (sorry summer, love ya, but you gots ta go!)
In celebration of the First Day of Fall, I thought I'd share some Pumpkin recipes that I seriously can not wait to try (most ingredients are already purchased... you know what I'll be doing this weekend!!)

I want to preface by saying this... most of these recipes are considered 'Clean Eating'... because that's just what I do now (actually that is what my whole family does now... and it's soooo worth it... blog more on that some other time). Here we go...

I've been a follower of the Recipe for Fitness blog for a while now. Chelle has some seriously yummy clean eating recipes, and her newest recipe will be nothing short of delish! 

The Gracious Pantry is another really really great Clean Eating read! So many amazing recipes and most are really easy to make (even getting the kiddos involved). I have a bit of a list from her site that I can't wait to make, starting off with...
Clean Eating Black Bean Pumpkin Chili
 The title even sounds delicious... I can't wait to make this... probably tonight. I love love love chili during the cooler season.

Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Latte
Yes, you read that right. No, it's not from Sbucks. This is a super must make (considering I can pretty much live on these things during Fall and even into Winter, lol).

Pumpkin Smoothie! Don't mind if I do!

One of my all time favorite Fitness Models, Jamie Eason shows you how to make Pumpkin Spice Pancakes!  Yum!

Okay, I'm off to finish cleaning my kitchen so I can get to making a big huge pumpkin mess!!
What are your favorite Fall recipes??

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Gina said...

I love pumpkin! I have a pumpkin chocolate chip cake that I make every year.
Enjoy your time in the kitchen Jen!

Oh yeah, I wanted to thank you for the all the sweet comments that you always leave me about my decor. I don't always feel confident when I decorate something, especially when there are so many truly beautiful rooms/homes in blogland. You always manage to make me feel great! Love ya for that!

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