best girls day ever

For Courtney's big teenage birthday, she wanted to spend it having a 'girls day' with me (her Momma) and her best friend 'Bri' (that's what we call her). I was so excited!
In the morning, before our 'girls day' started, Daddy took us out to The Good Egg (or as we like to call it in our house, the Huevo Bueno) for a Happy Birthday Family Breakfast.

Nothing like a little Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast dessert!

We picked up 'Bri' and went over to Kohls to score on some major deals (I paid $20 for two workout tops, one sports bra, and a pair of workout capris... saving $80... yup!) and then went down to The Shops at Norterra. We ended up at Victoria's Secret. Yeah, me and my newly teenage daughter. I think it was some sort of right-of-passage.... now she can go into the 'big girl' store to buy her chonies. lol

We all three scored some pretty good deals... these (matching) sweatshirts we picked up for 50% off!

The girls had appointments at Salon Sanctuary to get their nails done...

...Shellac is pretty much the coolest new thing comin' to town!

Speaking of Cool! lol

Then it was off to the The Mall where we made a beeline to Sweet Daddy Cupcakes & Frozen Yogurt. 

Courtney had her all-time favorite... Red Velvet. 'Bri' had the Oreo cupcake! (I had the Cory's Fox 10 Cupcake... he's out local weather guy. The cupcake was chocolate with chocolate chip frosting and a half cookie on top.)

Look at the size of those bad boys!!

Thankfully we didn't have to walk far to the mecca of teenage (and cool moms) shopping... Forever 21! All I have to say is that all my hard work up in the gym has paid off... Courtney and I can SHARE shirts! Yay!!! (More on that some other blog. Prom-prom!)

Daddy took us 'girls' out to a Birthday Din-Din (my bday was 8/21. 'Bri's birthday was 9/2, and of course Courtney's was 9/10). We went to my new favorite place... Oregano's!!!! YUM!

Cuties ready for some grub!

We caught a late movie at the theater... we saw Crazy, Stupid, Love. If I were reviewing this movie I'd give it 2.5 out of 5 stars. It was funny in some parts, drug on in others, made me cover my eyes in embarrassment twice, but had delicious Ryan Gosling eye candy. Oh, and the end... Cluster F%#&!!!

The day was nothing short of amazing! I enjoyed every single minute of time with my girl! And we vowed to have more 'girl days' now that she's a teenager! Oh, how I love her!!
Happy Birthday, Mija!


Carrie Rosalind said...

Aww...looks like you girls had such a fun day! And Courtney is GORGEOUS! Takes after her mama! :)

Gina said...

That is one heck of a birthday! A perfect day spent for a girly girl...I wish it was me.

In the photo of the 3 of you, you could be the slightly older sister, no way would I ever think you were the Mom! You look fabulous Jen.

Cassandra said...

You guys look so alike! It's crazy! This post was very sweet and it sounds like you had a great day! (It definitely made me miss my mom, though!)

hellosweetworld said...

That is one packed full day! But a fun one indeed! Happy Birthday to her (late, as usual). she looks so much like you!

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