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Good Morning and Happy Friday Eve!!

Thursdays are my favorite days... I get to work at my other job, in the 'country' with beautiful mountain views, on a ranch property, with horses and burros... it's so much more relaxing than the city. But, another reason I love it is because my mornings aren't as rushed (takes me less than 20 minutes to get to work) so I have a little time.


For my birthday (this past weekend) the hubs got me this coffee maker I've wanted for so long:
It's pretty much amazing and I pretty much love it! It came with a variety of different coffees and such to try. This morning I'm on cup number two. I thought I'd write down my 'review' (lol, like I'm a professional coffee taster). This is probably more for my benefit than yours (then again, it is my blog, lol). But I'd like to have some place to reference which blends I liked and which I didn't care for.

First up:  
Green Mountain Coffee - Breakfast Blend.... I know that I'm a big fan of breakfast blends, but this one fell short for me. It wasn't the 'wake me up' I was used to with other brands breakfast blends. For me it was too light, almost tea-like. I like a good swift kick in the pants for my first morning cup (especially during the work week). I would probably drink this again, on a weekend morning... a 'sleeping-in-waking-up-late' weekend morning. +++1.5 our of 4 cups+++

Second up:
Green Mountain Coffee - Nantucket Blend.... Much more going on in this cup. Definitely more bodied, and bolder than the Breakfast Blend. Got a bit of an aftertaste that I'm not too sure about, but it's not necessarily a deal-breaker. This would definitely work well for my first morning cup, any day during the week. +++2.5 our of 4 cups+++

Do you have Keurig? Or a favorite coffee blend??


Gina said...

I don't have a Keurig, I'm actually not much of a coffee drinker. I feel I have to add so much sugar to it (to kill the taste), there really is no point in my drinking it.

Have fun playing with your new toy! :D

miss teacups. said...

i got one for my bday this year too and LOVE it!!!

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