coffee review, part deux

Saturday Morning I was able to sleep in a bit (all the way to 9am) and decided that I would enjoy a nice quiet house with some Vanilla Flavored Coffee with my breakfast. If you are one for flavored coffee (which I am) this was a really nice coffee, not too overpowering with vanilla allowing for more than one cup to be had. hehe. +++3 out of 4 cups+++

Chai Latte.... in my world, a mini vaca to someplace sweet. My mom and I each had a cup (with our Apple Pie A La Mode) on Saturday night. Um, yum! It's got that great chai spice to it, with the creamy latte taste, just a perfect blend of warm happy goodness. This will become a staple in fall/winter. Note to self, limit to one a week... gotta watch the calories with this one. lol. +++4 out of 4 cups+++ (yes, it really is THAT good!)

Sunday morning. I save Mister 'BAM' himself for this special, sacred morning. I was expecting Big and Bold... I mean, it says it right there. Hate to say it, but I was less than impressed. It was a good blend, don't get me wrong... I think 'smoky' was the descriptive word. I'd definitely have another cup, it just wasn't what I was expecting. You know, like when you get sooo excited to see a movie and you leave feeling like everyone talked it up too big and now you're disappointed even though you really liked it. Yeah, that's this coffee. +++2 out of 4 cups+++


Gina said...

You're going to become a connoisseur of coffee, Jen! I enjoy reading your coffee reviews just like I enjoy reading book reviews.

Carrie Rosalind said...

Hey girl - I still haven't received an email with your mailing address! Not sure what happened, but will you send it again please? Thanks! :)

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