Sharing Is (still) Caring

Have you been to Pinterest yet? If not, you MUST.... there is some seriously beautiful and inspiring and wonderful and truthful things there. Pretty much anything you want to see will be there. While wasting my time browsing the site, I came across some really neat things that I just had to share with all of you wonderful people. Get ready, because I'm about to go 'Sharing Is Caring' OverLoad!

I want to live in this picture. Forever. (There's room for two... )

Source: None via Pinterest on Pinterest

Isn't this fabulous art... I love it.

Seriously... only Christian Dior can turn a wedding dress into a 'something blue' masterpiece like this.

Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

I really want this for my home. Doesn't look all that difficult to make. Now, where to put it...

Source: via Cara on Pinterest

No joke... I think about this daily. I am so incredibly grateful for each and every single person every day in my life. Their presence and time in my life mean the world to me.

I think Courtney and I are gonna try making these this weekend. Too cute!

I dislike tomatoes, but I love Caprese salad... this is a fabulous idea! Stop licking the screen! lol

Totally gonna make these for my kiddos soon... So fun! I heart jello!

Isn't this one of the cutest photog ideas ever.... I love Love!

Will somebody please take me here. I would never leave bed. Ever. No, really.

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Gina said...

Pinterest is awesome & so darn addicting! Love all the photos you shared.

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