ABC's of Yum!

I read this over at Mrs. Buscuit's blog and thought I'd join in.... you know me, I can't resist a good Q&A! ;-)

A: is for Apple, what’s your favorite variety? Granny Smith followed by Honeycrisp!

B: is for Bread, regardless of nutrition, calories, or whole grains what is your favorite type to have a nice big piece of? Oh geez, I think I'd have to go with ye old Sourdough. 

C: is for Cereal what is your favorite kind currently (just one!) I haven't had cereal in soo long, but I'd have to say Special K and Frosted Mini Wheats are my fav.

D: is for Doughnuts, you might not currently be eating them but what kind do you fancy? Can you believe I went nearly ten years without eating doughnuts! I had a bad 'morning-sickness' experience with a maple bar and wasn't able to even smell them! Then I discovered Krispy Kreme and all was forgiven. My favorite doughnut from KK is the Chocolate Iced Creme Filled followed by the Chocolate Iced Custard Filled.

E: is for Eggs, how would you like yours prepared? Well, I strongly dislike eggs. I have tried them every way delicious, and I just can't seem to aquire a taste for them. However, I can eat them only with Soyrizo (i used to eat them with pork chorizo, but that stuff is sooo bad for you, and Soyrizo is such a wonderful replacement). 

F: is for Fat Free, what is your favorite fat free product? Can't really think of one. I guess it'd have to be cinnamon vanilla coffee creamer.

G: is for Groceries, where do you purchase yours at?  Costco and Fry's Marketplace  

H: is for Hot Beverages, what is your favorite hot drink? Chai Latte 

I: is for Ice Cream, pick a favorite flavor and add a fun topping. Cake Batter... all the way! Top it with some cookie dough pieces or slivered almonds and raspberries.

J: is for Jams or Jellies, do you eat them, and if so what kind and flavor? I love raspberry jam and jalepeno jelly.

K: is for Kashi, name your favorite Kashi product? I really like their snack bars.

L: is for Lunch, what was yours today? Leftover chicken explosion salad from Chili's!

M: is for microwave, what is your favorite microwave meal/snack? Popcorn!! It's really the only thing I put in the microwave anymore.

N: is for nutrients, do you likes carbs, fats, or proteins best? Proteins! I eat a ton of chicken, fish, and greek yogurt!

O: is for oil, what kind do you like to use? Coconut oil! Trust me when I say... this stuff is GOLD!

P: is for protein, how do you get yours? Chicken, Fish, Greek Yogurt, and Protein Shakes.

Q: is for Quaker, how do you like your oats? I like a warm bowl of Coach's Oats with flaxseeds, and honey.
R: is for roasting, what is your favorite thing to roast? Vegetables! Especially sweet potatoes and bell peppers!!

S: is for sandwich, what’s your favorite kind? I love Paradise Bakery's Turkey Cranberry and Chicken Walnut, but I also love cucumber tea sandwiches too! 

T: is for travel, how do you handle eating while traveling? Depends. If we're on a road trip, I'll pack a lunch (the hubs and I eat or drink protein every two to three hours). If we're on vaca, then we try to find sandwich shops, or order salads from a sit down restaurant. If we're 'splurging' we'll order a nice steak or seafood.

U: is for unique, what is one of your weirdest food combos? I guess it would be cottage cheese and salsa. I could sit down with a bowl of that, and a spoon! It's so yum!

V: is for vitamins, what kind do you take? I take a super delicious liquid multivitamin from Max Muscle called VitaCell! I swear by this stuff! I strongly suggest you find a Max Muscle near you, or you can order it online. It has made a world of difference to me! I also take Max EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) and Max Liquid Carnitine both from Max Muscle.

W: is for wasabi, yay or nay? Big time Yay! I love Wasabi!

X: is for Xmas time treats, what is your favorite type? Any Christmas cookies made by my mom or my kids. I love Christmas cookies!! They bring me back to my childhood, since we've been making the same cookies for my whole life!! :-)

Y: is for youth, what food reminds you of your childhood? Didn't I just sort of answer this one? lol. I'd have to say Fideo and Tamales make me think of growing up. Also Potato Bubble!

Z: is for zucchini, how do you prepare it? Roast it or grill it.

This was a TON of FUN!! You should definitely do it, and link in my comments! I can't wait to read your answers!!

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